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Accounting Services Provider is your preferred business consultant that gets you to your business goal. To help our client to keep up with the pace of globalisation, ASP put together a business management team that provides comprehensive services in one place. ASP has a range of clients in different fields in Manufacturing, Construction, F&B, Services and Trading and others. We are still expanding.

Why Us?

In order to have the business competitive advantage you must need to discover the smart ways for saving costs and increasing revenues.

You save at least 50% of your overhead costs and 100% of your time by accounting outsourcing to us or appoint us as part time accountant.

The time you spend on resolving bookkeeping problems that add little or no value to your customers relationship, it could better used in your business expansion activities.

As you can fully concentrate in your business while we handle all of the accounting, Government grant application, tax, secretarial and audit related matters. We give a professional assistance and business consulting in financial forecast, business management, on how to do cost cut, business analysis, staffs training, and make changes in your company with our professional consulting and guidance.

We have proven ourselves and trusted by our clients to solve the problems with smart solutions.

You can save cost!

  • No CPF contributions
  • No bonus
  • No annual leaves
  • No medical leaves
  • No more hassle for employee’s leave during the critical times
  • No need for office space, facilities, computers, accounting software.
  • No computers and accounting software maintenance
  • Flexible professional accountants

The most important thing is the professional services that we are offering, definitely will give positive changes and impacts to your company.

We provide good quality and affordable temporary/part timer professional accountants, aiming to serve your company establishment. Our team of professional accountants are experienced and well trained in their field.

All the company’s book keeping and accounting records are computerized and accounting software will be provided by us.